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Roger Stein – Das deutsche Dirnenlied im literarischen Kabarett (E-Book)


A literary genre that experienced an enormous boom in German cabaret at the beginning of the 20th century, but disappeared completely into obscurity in the 1930s, has remained almost undiscovered to this day: songs by and about prostitutes. This volume presents a cultural history of the German prostitute song in a detailed and entertaining way. Using numerous poems, chansons, cabaret and folk songs – both by well-known authors such as Wedekind, Brecht, Mehring, Tucholsky, Klabund, van Hoddis as well as those who are now almost forgotten – the origin and meaning of this genre are examined. The author shows that the prostitute’s song already existed as a folk and animated song, but that it only found its way into poetry with naturalism and then really became fashionable among the young generation of German cabaret authors. For them, the prostitute became a fighting figure against bourgeois morality and at the same time a new type of woman that they could throw at the desexualized Madonna Mother, the leading figure of the bourgeoisie.

Roger Stein – The German prostitute song in the literary cabaret from 1901-33

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