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True to the motto “Solidarity is more contagious than any virus”, the filmmakers from Starklfilm gave me and many other artists a great stage in these difficult times in front of the empty audience at the Theater Die Wühlmäuse , with the platform Artists Against Corona brings my performance into your living room. The result is a really nice video , in which we all only miss you, the viewers.

To support the project, the artists and, above all, this great work, you can buy virtual tickets on a voluntary basis . So watch it, share these wonderful videos and feel free to dip into your virtual wallet to support cultural workers in these difficult times.

THANKS to the Starklfilm team for the great collaboration and these great pictures and thanks to the Wühlmäuse for your stage!

#artistsagainstcorona #culturepreserving #coronatimes #musicvideo #rogerstein #songs #berlin

Background to the project: At Artists Against Corona, users enter a virtual theater and can watch high-quality films produced by artists. The empty auditorium serves as the backdrop for Artists Against Corona. Various genres can be found on the video on demand platform. Viewers can buy a virtual ticket on a voluntary basis and thus support the artists directly in times of the Corona crisis. The Corona pandemic has the world firmly in its grip. Theaters, artists and artists are facing an unprecedented challenge because the most important thing is missing: the audience.

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